Today we had no where to be but wanted to do something and at Sean’s suggestion we started off our day with some coffee and a doughnut over at Top Pot Doughnuts. As we were crossing the street making our way back to the car I hear this guy behind me saying “HEY do you want a doughnut?” When I looked back it was a dad talking to his kid coming out of the business next door. I started laughing and Sean asked me “What?” So I told him I thought that guy was talking to us and was thinking the following:

” 1. Are you talking to me? 2. I don’t know you. 3. I don’t take doughnuts from strangers…”


I HELLA laughed.

We made a drive out to Seattle and tried getting to the Sunday Market in Fremont. We were aware that October Fest was happening and it’s usually crowded on Sundays in Fremont anyways, but what we didn’t realize was that there was some sort of marathon going on and all the places we normally park had been blocked off which made parking unusually bitchy. *ugh* Sean tried for a good long while to find parking and we don’t mind walking a bit and finally it was just too ridiculous so we tried for Ballard. Ballard had a farmers market yet parking was just as fubar over there as it was in Fremont. MEH. I suggested Antique Row in Tacoma and promptly fell asleep and woke up – in Tacoma :)

I love the antique mall/shops that they have there and there are always interesting things to look at but it was kinda empty today. All the business doors said open at noon on Sunday and by 1pm-ish NOTHING. There were a few good shops and I scored a new heated muscle rub that is made locally so I’m trying that later tonight and see how it works for me. Found a small chuck wagon cook book and a hair barrette that looks like a blue poppy type of flower. CUTE.

We stumbled across a new game store in Antique Row (TACOMA, WA) that just opened up about a week ago. They didn’t have business cards yet  but the name I wrote down didn’t pull anything up on the internet so I’m going to do some more looking and when I find out about the business name for sure I will give a shout out. For right now all I have is: Terraceux and I’m hoping I spelled it right and I feel that I did but who knows. Very nice guy and his shop has a window that faces the street so it will be easy to spot for sure :D GO TO ANTIQUE ROW :) VIVA LA GAME SHOPS!

We hit up Kings Books and Atticus the store cat was all about me :) That cat is super cute! I didn’t find anything there but Sean found three books and it was a fun visit. Stopped in at Frisko Freeze for some lunch and then headed back home. This took up most of the day and Sean was a sweetie and stopped in at Value Village for me so I could look for some work tops. They didn’t have anything for me in my size (I was looking for solid black shirts) but I did find two capri jeans and a new with tags long black lane bryant skirt that is super soft and flowy. SCORE. I think I paid about $9 for all three pieces. I’m changing departments at work and I’m looking to update my wardrobe just a little bit. I think my next trip will be to Ross for my tops. I realized that I mostly have Tee’s only. I need to spruce it up a little bit :)

When we got home Sean put away the groceries and I don’t know why I suddenly felt like picking up/cleaning but I did. Our household is pretty relaxed about the state of the house. We all have crafts and hobbies that we do and stuff builds up during the week. I tend to visually block it out and then one day *POP* and it’s time to clear the space. I have my side table that gathers tons of books. Seriously. Then there is the small stool/table that Sean and I keep in front of the couch between us. We mostly use it for our coffee mugs but it too attracts all the small bits. Oi VEH. Aaaand then there is the little pile of mail, books and misc shared stuff that sits between Sean and I ON the couch. I clear this out and straighten it up about once a week. The living room floor and kitchen table usually ends up covered with Anna’s stuff and craft projects that she or Sean starts.

Today that all got re-routed to everyone’s room. The place looks much better. My kitchen still needs help but I will try to get to that later tonight.

With the table cleared I think either tonight or maybe tomorrow morning I’m going to try my hand at applying my “Bride” iron on to my black hoodie. I have a dark pink Old Navy Hoodie that I’ve just about run into the ground. I love their hoodies – they’re so so soft! I need to put the pink one to rest though *laughing*

I also put my bridal tub to use *heh* I have a storage tub and I put all my odds n ends wedding stuff in there. That helped clear up some stuff for sure. I’m keeping it under the kitchen table so I can get to stuff as I need it. Bridal Brooches – I need to start making the brooch flowers SOON :D I really want my bouquet finished and waiting in the wings as opposed to trying to put it together last minute :)

Well…my room is a mess *oh boy* I took all my stuff in there. I am now itching to get in there so I think I will. I’m going to cap myself off at a half hour though. I think i really want to work on my hoodie so I can wear it tomorrow :D

That’s about all for now.


About darkkatpouncing

Passionate, Humorous, Tenacious, Irreverent: loves coffee, knitting, vintage stores, delicious food & crafty projects! I enjoy knitting and vintage shop treasure hunting. Often I'm found roaming between Seattle and Portland passionately gathering materials for future dreamy projects. I have a keen interest in up-cycling, recycling & re-purposing objects. Creative space is shared with my husband in our 500 sq. ft. floating home on the Columbia River

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