Clearing out

I was able to gather one bin full of stuff to donate to the local thrift store. Getting rid of a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. The cool winter jacket I scored last year at the Value Village I decided to give up. I tried wearing it during the FREEZING winter cold this past year and while it fits and keeps me warm, I don’t like the length. I move around a lot and it was just too short and I ended up getting really wet from the waist down. I’m thinking I need to just layer up and keep an eye out for a longer coat.

I got rid of some clothing (stuff I was going to use for the material) and after looking at a bunch of patterns got rid of all the ones that aren’t in my size (I think I ended up keeping ONE pattern for skirts).  What I’m wanting to do is work on our bedroom space and set up a sewing station. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out/look yet. I’m gathering ideas and I’m having to really think and look at the height of the ceiling. The challenge is the A-frame roof. The standing space is located in the center of the room and the wall height is really not that high. Sitting is alright – which is good but I’m trying to figure out where the best place for a sitting work spot.

I’m kinda considering installing a folding table on our closet door as this will:

  • put me near the center of the room
  • I’d be facing our ladder going downstairs
  • I could tuck the sewing machine around the corner when not in active use
  • the table would fold flat against the closet door
  • a fold up chair could also be placed around the the corner tucked away

I’m taking a look at my crafts and projects and I’m just short of out of control *laughing*. I talked with Sean about it as he was dealing with the same thing when we lived in the condo. I’m taking a long look at everything and deciding what I truly have an active (KEY WORD ACTIVE) interest in vs. things that “look neat and I’d like to try that.” The knitting is staying and I’m picking up crochet and that doesn’t impact space so I’m OK there. I really want to cut back on what I’m dealing with. I find I’ve been doing more jewelry repair to wear stuff I like than I’ve been doing actual jewelry making (from start to finish).

I’ve been liquidating the beads and I think I’m going to work on getting rid of most of them. I’m still going to work with jewelry making but not beaded stuff. It’s just too much stuff. Well that’s about it. I’m going to take a ride to drop off some of this stuff I’ve gathered up. I also need to get stuff together for my niece and nephew <3

Ok I’m out.


Cooking, prepping & Fat Fancy

Yesterday was grocery shopping and instead of multiple trips to the store during the week I decided to think about what I wanted to make for the week as opposed to just winging it nightly. Meal planning. Just thinking about it makes me want to fall sleep but I got it together and even did some planning so that one thing can go into making several dinners. Before going to bed I popped a whole chicken into the crock pot and it was cooked and ready to cool down by 8 a.m. NICE. I knew we’d be out most of the morning so I felt a little productive having the chicken cooling for me while I was out.

Today was a stop into Portland to run an errand and after we wrapped that up Sean suggested we walk over to and it was AWESOME! I’ve been dying to check them out for a while now. We’re in Portland all the time but finding a free parking space (we aren’t big on parking garages – THE FEES if you don’t get validated) or just an available one on the streets near Fat Fancy hadn’t happened for us yet. Today because our business trip included 3 hr validated parking we took advantage of that and strolled on over.

Lots of pop and color and great vintage wear as well as modern stuff! I loved it and I really want to take my mom there as well. Everything felt fun and even though I didn’t pick up anything today I am SO going back when my wallet refills (LOL). Affordable prices and they have a clearance section as well as $2 bin. Though some of the $2 stuff was stained I had a lot of ideas for using the material in other projects. GREAT retro fabrics in that bin <3

I think the most best part was not only is their store clean with open spaces (I hate going into places and feeling closed in) the cashier was super sweet and made sure she was available while not hovering over us. I don’t mind chatting it up if I’m in the mood but usually when I first go into a place I like to look around get a feel for the place and I get kinda focused with investigating everything. Her customer service was really well balanced and I seriously appreciate that.

Sean was with me and mentioned that he found a few french cuff shirts in his size (they carry women AND men’s clothing!) which is RARE for him to find in thrift stores. We go to one store out in Tacoma for his dress shirts and slacks (new off the rack) and the rest is online. He doesn’t need more french cuff shirts right now but when the time comes we know where to look!

It was a short and super sweet trip <3

I love you Fat Fancy and I WILL be back :)

Our first venturing out in the new year: Village Merchants in PDX

Today there was stuff to do. We had some garbage to run out as well as the old split hose that needed to be taken to the transfer station. I also had stuff to send out that sold at the store and some surprise envelopes for my nephew and niece. On the way to do all that I also inserted a trip to the bank and figured that would be our day.

I totally misunderstood Sean and after doing the trash and bank run we picked up some coffee and we started zooming into Portland <3 WOO HOO!

We were on the hunt for a birthday present for my Mom in law which I won’t talk about more in case she reads this ;)

Our first stop was Village Merchants  and it’s a resale store that consigns, buys or trades. They carry thrift as well as vintage: housewares, house decor, movies, Cd’s, crafting stuff, shoes, clothing, furniture, purses, packs and luggage. Pretty much a little bit of everything and some areas look like vendor sections but I’m not sure if that’s the case. It’s sprawled in a very orderly way and felt well put together – not chaotic. It’s a very nicely set up store.

Once Sean reminded me that we were looking for his mom, I started my looking from the front of the store (again) and went through every space. I headed upstairs to inspect their second level. I didn’t find anything that said “MOM” but just before heading back down stairs I found something for me.

I found a travel case that normally sells for $18-25.00 and though it wasn’t my favorite color the inside was in such wonderful condition I couldn’t pass it up for $6.00. Most times these cases being vintage smell blech, are significantly stained or torn up inside and this one wasn’t. For all the pros I can deal with the con of it being slightly faded.

Faded and Lovely

Faded and Lovely

The inside plastic covering was in excellent condition as well as the material underneath. NOT STINKY! <3

Fantastic silver inside

Fantastic silver inside

It’s vintage and the mirror (though rusty looking from age) is intact and not broken or missing. Since I’m not using the mirror it’s not a take away and if I wanted I could have it replaced no problem.

Mirrored top

Mirrored top

The outside is a dull color and slightly faded so I’m going to look into seeing what kind of paint I can use to paint it. It’s a summer project for the outside to be sure. Aside from the fading the outside of the case is in real solid condition.

In the meantime I have a “completed, listed, ready to sell” bin for my Etsy store, I have a bead bin that is filled to over flowing and a sewing basket that has project stuff to do. I need my sewing basket back for my sewing stuff. So I’m thinking use the new travel case for the beads and use the old bead bin for projects to work on. I’m geeking out on the organization that’s going to happen. *laughs*

I’m DEFINITELY going back to Village Merchants. If you’re in Portland and you enjoy thrift/vintage stores you should check them out.

Frozen – lols

I tried turning on the kitchen faucet this morning discovering that we had no water. I figured with the cold weather setting in the water pipes must have froze. Our water pipe is actually a water hose. When I went outside to inspect all the hoses connecting our floating house to the water and sewer lines  I really didn’t know what I was looking for, but I knew one of them had to be the water line. I found the one that had a thick chunk of ice encircling it and on closer inspection it looked like a tear in the hose underneath all the ice. I couldn’t be sure as it was a little visually distorted to look at, but I figured I had found what I was looking for.


When my husband got up I told him about it and though it’s our responsibility for these types of repairs the dock manager and our neighbor came over to help check stuff and give advice – SUPER HELPFUL. This is the part where I share how thankful I am that we live among a really great group of people :)

Luckily it’s a simple repair and it was confirmed that we just need to replace the hose. What the previous owners used was a regular water hose which isn’t suggested for drinking and so when we got to ACE hardware we talked a bit with one of the guys there and though we could have gone with a marina approved (for water drinking) hose all ready to go, we opted to get our own tubing cut and Sean installed the end bits himself.

New marina approved water tube!

New marina approved water tube!

I thought it might be more complicated to put together, but it wasn’t. The faucet connectors inserted into the end of the tubes and we even decided to forgo the additional clamps that some people choose to put on. We bought them and once home Sean discovered they were a smidge too small and if we went up a size he felt the clamps would have been a little too big. The faucet connecters are really snug and secure though so it’ll be ok.

Once Sean unhooked the old tubing he installed the first end to the main water line then strung it along the front of the house between our front porch and the dock.

Laying in the tubing!

Laying in the tubing!

I geeked out and took a few pictures as he finished up this fix it project. As soon as he connected the other end of the tubing to our house lines he had me turn on the water.


Water runs great and all is well.  WOO HOO!


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It’s time to make space!

I live in a small l space but it’s amazing how much stuff I can still accumulate. Right now I’m in the midst of multiple crafty projects and really wanting to add in active sewing into the mix. I need to find a chair to go with the small table I have for it. I have so much going on with the other crafts that for right now I’m putting sewing on the back burner. So many different ideas are popping up to go on the Sewing List so that’s motivating me to go through everything of mine (again) and donate stuff to the local thrift stores. Once I have that space then it’s (another) total reorganization of my craft stuff and finished projects.

It’s strange to consider myself a newlywed. My Mom pointed it out in conversation during our last conversation. I’ve been with my husband for about 5 years, though we just got married back in October. I didn’t think there would be much of a whirl wind that I’ve read about a lot of married couples having after just getting married but now that I’m into mid December I feel like things are starting to calm down…and I didn’t even feel like things weren’t calm. *laughs*

I’ve started an etsy store as a side hobby. I love collecting vintage jewelry and I love knitting and crafty stuff in general so I figure since our space is so little why not make/craft/procure the things I enjoy then sell the bulk of them to good homes? It’s a way for me to stay active and productive with what I like to do and hopefully make me enough money to put back into it so I can do more/make more.

I’ve always been a dork about process. I love the start of a thing the process and the completion of it. I guess that’s why going into administrative work fit me so well.  Speaking of work, I’m thinking about checking out job stuff after the new year. Right now I really want to get my hobbies in order and have a flow with them. Then work in work. I haven’t done as nearly as much as I’ve wanted to craft wise over the years due to work. I put so much of me on hold due to work. I’m done with that mentality.

I’m enjoying this transition, my life with Sean and I’m not in a mad rush. Everything that I bring into my life is with purpose and in support of living a healthy and balanced life. Making the changes I have in the last six months has been a little WOAH for me and I feel stronger as a person.

This is my update. Doing well and trying to keep my feet warm LOL.



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New post at RANDOM and CURIOUS

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I’m almost done knitting one of the scarves I want to put up for sale. I have to bust out the one I knitted for myself a few years back since it’s been much more cold lately. The other night Sean took us into Portland and he surprised me with a stop in at one of the yarn stores I’ve been wanting to check out (but always seem to forget about when we’re in the area).

We stopped in at TWISTED a Portland yarn store.

I should have taken pictures but I was too busy running all over the store touching all the yarn. I’m laughing thinking about it, but I’m not lying. At one point one of the sales people approached me and asked if she could help me with anything. Without a second thought I replied smiling, “Oh no. I just haven’t been in a yarn store for a while so I’m going nuts touching everything!” She laughed as I made stroking motions in the air and if it were any other type of store they may have asked me to leave because I was kinda breathy about it. *SNORT-LOLS*

It’s a fiber freak thing so I didn’t feel self conscious. Plus that I know I’m a tactile person and I feel that touching different types of yarn (even the rough ones that make me frown) is at the top of my “Favorite Things To Do” list. Sean sat down in one of the offered sitting areas at first but then his sense of investigation got the better of him and he followed me around a bit pointing out stuff I wasn’t catching in my dreamy haze of yarn love.  I tend toward dark jewel tones and he loves bright vibrant colors. I don’t do EVERYTHING bright and vibrant and I’m starting to incorporate some of the colors he likes into stuff I make for myself. I always get compliments on the bright stuff and it’s fun for me to bust out once and a while.

I picked out a variegated dark blue yarn and Sean spotted a circus like multicolored yarn. The one he picked out had a TON of screaming yellow in it and I ended up going with a skein of yarn right next to it that had more balance of color with the blues, reds. Yellow doesn’t look too good on me and that was the main reason I had skipped out on the screaming yellow skein.

I got my punch card and they gave me a really cool pen. I’m a dork for pens SHUSH.  So since I have a scarf already, maybe I’ll do up a pair of gloves with one skein and a hat with the other skein. We’ll see.

Also within the last 24 hours I submitting my first post over on

It’s a blog that my friend Lyra Cole started up and I’m excited to be a part of it. I have always done my own personal blog posts both here and on previous social media sites, but it’s been at least 10 years since I last participated in an inclusive group writing format like this. The last time I did anything like this was with my friends John and Vangie. It was really fun.

I’m a very informal writer. I can be and usually am kamikaze in terms of how I write. Sometimes I’m in such a rush to get the content of what I want to convey out I don’t pay attention to proper punctuation and actually shanghai it to shape my written words as if they were clay. It’s strange to me when I stop to think about it. I don’t know how interested I am in being “proper” though I AM interested in improving my writing and unlearning my bad habits so I’m starting with punctuation.  I love writing and I’m hoping with the submissions to RANDOM and CURIOUS that I improve on my punctuation and grammar. I’m not so worried about it here (though I should be I know) but what I write here is more for me.

As well as the writing, I’ve always loved telling stories. Most of the good ones have been personal or personally witnessed, because DAMN the world is CRAZY *chuckle* So perhaps funny shit will go on RANDOM and CURIOUS as well. I’ve also considered posting poetry but I’m still not sure about that. I’ve always been pretty lock down on my poetry. Something to think about anyways. I haven’t been active with poetry writing in years either. I think I’m just trying to do different things that will get me in the space to write on a regular basis. Or maybe things that will get me to want to write more. I go in circles with my thoughts on it.

My brain is starting to stray to thoughts of knitting and watching SUPERNATURAL so I’m gonna jet.


Up at the buttcrack…

Yesterday I started my reboot with the eating to live healthy. My sugars I tested through the previous week and the morning fasts were pretty high. My steps per day were El POOP-O barely hitting higher than 1000. I think I hit 2k when we were showing my Dad around. Yesterday I did a short SHORT for me walk and by end of day I almost made 4K steps. That’s a vast improvement from my previous weeks El POOP-O steps per day.

What I need is a better routine. So I’m thinking 8am is early enough that there is light out (and maybe in the winter I will push the time out a bit depending when it’s light out) and I will walk till it says 5k then turn around and come home. Right now I’m looking at a friends walking habits (Christopher575) he has an app he uses to map out his walks and it records who much he’s done. I like the quiet of the morning and it will get my needed steps for the day out of the way. Anything else after that during my day will be a bonus. So the 10k steps starts later this morning (it’s only 6:30 a.m. right now).

I’ve got access to a lot (if not ALL) of my tv programs. The season has just barely started with some of them and so catch up will be super easy. I was supposed to get Thank You cards out yesterday. It’s happening today. I think I will make the walk to the post office part of my 10k steps. I also will be going to each of the stores and checking out their open and close times. I never finished doing that with all the Old Town stores yesterday. I made it down one side of the street then got side tracked by hamburgers at Klondikes Bar/Grill & Historic Hotel LOL.

If you’re ever in Old Historic Down Town in Saint Helens get one of the Klondike burgers – OM NOM NOM NOM NOM <3

Next Wednesday I’m checking in with King County to see if they’ve processed our marriage license. That will have been ten days out plus some cushion time I added in for the Judge to turn the paperwork in. When the license is ready I’m sending out for certified copies. I’m more than ready to change my last name over. I love my whole name as it is and I’ve also been dreaming of a short name since I was in kindergarten *laughs* 22 letters in total for my first, middle & last name. I remember being 5 and looking over to see John Smith or Sue Daily writing out there name and then there was the teacher looking at me expectantly. I would ask “Can I use my nick name?” and she would say “No Kathleen it’s important that you learn to spell your FULL name.” I already knew my full name. I even knew how to spell it. Why do I have to write it out a page at a time. This new last name is for YOU kid. *smile*

My middle name is actually half of my fathers middle name.  Because I’m transitioning out of the family last name I decided that I’m adding the other half of HIS middle name to my own. I know it kinda defeats the whole shortening of names but it feels right so I’m doing it. Also the only time I write out my middle name is when I’m dealing with legal documents :)

Sean has an early morning telecommute shin dig so the alarm went off at 5 a.m. I decided to start the day since I slept in yesterday and I ended up feeling robbed of a butt load of time. Made his coffee and mine (hot for him and cold for me)  and downed a breakfast bar. The only solidified plans I have today are getting those Thank You cards out and getting my steps in. I’ll figure the rest out after that.

I better jet. Those cards don’t write themselves <3

October sunrise standing at the end of our dock.

October sunrise standing at the end of our dock.