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I’m almost done knitting one of the scarves I want to put up for sale. I have to bust out the one I knitted for myself a few years back since it’s been much more cold lately. The other night Sean took us into Portland and he surprised me with a stop in at one of the yarn stores I’ve been wanting to check out (but always seem to forget about when we’re in the area).

We stopped in at TWISTED a Portland yarn store.

I should have taken pictures but I was too busy running all over the store touching all the yarn. I’m laughing thinking about it, but I’m not lying. At one point one of the sales people approached me and asked if she could help me with anything. Without a second thought I replied smiling, “Oh no. I just haven’t been in a yarn store for a while so I’m going nuts touching everything!” She laughed as I made stroking motions in the air and if it were any other type of store they may have asked me to leave because I was kinda breathy about it. *SNORT-LOLS*

It’s a fiber freak thing so I didn’t feel self conscious. Plus that I know I’m a tactile person and I feel that touching different types of yarn (even the rough ones that make me frown) is at the top of my “Favorite Things To Do” list. Sean sat down in one of the offered sitting areas at first but then his sense of investigation got the better of him and he followed me around a bit pointing out stuff I wasn’t catching in my dreamy haze of yarn love.  I tend toward dark jewel tones and he loves bright vibrant colors. I don’t do EVERYTHING bright and vibrant and I’m starting to incorporate some of the colors he likes into stuff I make for myself. I always get compliments on the bright stuff and it’s fun for me to bust out once and a while.

I picked out a variegated dark blue yarn and Sean spotted a circus like multicolored yarn. The one he picked out had a TON of screaming yellow in it and I ended up going with a skein of yarn right next to it that had more balance of color with the blues, reds. Yellow doesn’t look too good on me and that was the main reason I had skipped out on the screaming yellow skein.

I got my punch card and they gave me a really cool pen. I’m a dork for pens SHUSH.  So since I have a scarf already, maybe I’ll do up a pair of gloves with one skein and a hat with the other skein. We’ll see.

Also within the last 24 hours I submitting my first post over on

It’s a blog that my friend Lyra Cole started up and I’m excited to be a part of it. I have always done my own personal blog posts both here and on previous social media sites, but it’s been at least 10 years since I last participated in an inclusive group writing format like this. The last time I did anything like this was with my friends John and Vangie. It was really fun.

I’m a very informal writer. I can be and usually am kamikaze in terms of how I write. Sometimes I’m in such a rush to get the content of what I want to convey out I don’t pay attention to proper punctuation and actually shanghai it to shape my written words as if they were clay. It’s strange to me when I stop to think about it. I don’t know how interested I am in being “proper” though I AM interested in improving my writing and unlearning my bad habits so I’m starting with punctuation.  I love writing and I’m hoping with the submissions to RANDOM and CURIOUS that I improve on my punctuation and grammar. I’m not so worried about it here (though I should be I know) but what I write here is more for me.

As well as the writing, I’ve always loved telling stories. Most of the good ones have been personal or personally witnessed, because DAMN the world is CRAZY *chuckle* So perhaps funny shit will go on RANDOM and CURIOUS as well. I’ve also considered posting poetry but I’m still not sure about that. I’ve always been pretty lock down on my poetry. Something to think about anyways. I haven’t been active with poetry writing in years either. I think I’m just trying to do different things that will get me in the space to write on a regular basis. Or maybe things that will get me to want to write more. I go in circles with my thoughts on it.

My brain is starting to stray to thoughts of knitting and watching SUPERNATURAL so I’m gonna jet.


Up at the buttcrack…

Yesterday I started my reboot with the eating to live healthy. My sugars I tested through the previous week and the morning fasts were pretty high. My steps per day were El POOP-O barely hitting higher than 1000. I think I hit 2k when we were showing my Dad around. Yesterday I did a short SHORT for me walk and by end of day I almost made 4K steps. That’s a vast improvement from my previous weeks El POOP-O steps per day.

What I need is a better routine. So I’m thinking 8am is early enough that there is light out (and maybe in the winter I will push the time out a bit depending when it’s light out) and I will walk till it says 5k then turn around and come home. Right now I’m looking at a friends walking habits (Christopher575) he has an app he uses to map out his walks and it records who much he’s done. I like the quiet of the morning and it will get my needed steps for the day out of the way. Anything else after that during my day will be a bonus. So the 10k steps starts later this morning (it’s only 6:30 a.m. right now).

I’ve got access to a lot (if not ALL) of my tv programs. The season has just barely started with some of them and so catch up will be super easy. I was supposed to get Thank You cards out yesterday. It’s happening today. I think I will make the walk to the post office part of my 10k steps. I also will be going to each of the stores and checking out their open and close times. I never finished doing that with all the Old Town stores yesterday. I made it down one side of the street then got side tracked by hamburgers at Klondikes Bar/Grill & Historic Hotel LOL.

If you’re ever in Old Historic Down Town in Saint Helens get one of the Klondike burgers – OM NOM NOM NOM NOM <3

Next Wednesday I’m checking in with King County to see if they’ve processed our marriage license. That will have been ten days out plus some cushion time I added in for the Judge to turn the paperwork in. When the license is ready I’m sending out for certified copies. I’m more than ready to change my last name over. I love my whole name as it is and I’ve also been dreaming of a short name since I was in kindergarten *laughs* 22 letters in total for my first, middle & last name. I remember being 5 and looking over to see John Smith or Sue Daily writing out there name and then there was the teacher looking at me expectantly. I would ask “Can I use my nick name?” and she would say “No Kathleen it’s important that you learn to spell your FULL name.” I already knew my full name. I even knew how to spell it. Why do I have to write it out a page at a time. This new last name is for YOU kid. *smile*

My middle name is actually half of my fathers middle name.  Because I’m transitioning out of the family last name I decided that I’m adding the other half of HIS middle name to my own. I know it kinda defeats the whole shortening of names but it feels right so I’m doing it. Also the only time I write out my middle name is when I’m dealing with legal documents :)

Sean has an early morning telecommute shin dig so the alarm went off at 5 a.m. I decided to start the day since I slept in yesterday and I ended up feeling robbed of a butt load of time. Made his coffee and mine (hot for him and cold for me)  and downed a breakfast bar. The only solidified plans I have today are getting those Thank You cards out and getting my steps in. I’ll figure the rest out after that.

I better jet. Those cards don’t write themselves <3

October sunrise standing at the end of our dock.

October sunrise standing at the end of our dock.



So we’re four days into being married and I’m loving it. It’s our normal life and every once and a while I’ll giggle and announce “I’m your MRS!” Once we were married and made it home (Sean drove the 3 hr drive back to Oregon from Seattle after our dinner celebration was over) and had a good sleep I didn’t feel any sort of stress of  “WHAT DO I NEED TO DO NEXT.”

We cleared out our old place downsizing from 1000 sq ft to our old apartment to roughly 500 sq ft total in our new place – 250 sq ft for the ground floor and another 250 sq ft for the top floor. It was a little “whoa!” just donating the amount of our belongings that we donated. I was working full time up till about a month before we moved full time to the little house in Oregon. We took A LITTLE bit of stuff up to our new house on the weekends. I was working full time till September then focused on our move and on our 18 yr old’s move back to her mom’s in Seattle. We made our last day in the apartment the last day of September and we had my Dad coming in from Georgia at about that same time. WOO.

We had been using our Jeep for transporting stuff, but we could only load it up so much. Right in the middle of what I call our MOVE IT month (September) Sean’s work decided that he needed to travel to the other side of the United States for a three day business trip. Through the middle of the week. . UGH. We made that work for us though and I got to do my first extended stay at the little house on my own and I got the internet set up so that was a solid TO DO marked off our list.

My Mom ended up inheriting a bunch of stuff from us which let her upgrade a bit so that was good to see some of our belongings going to a good home. We ended up selling our short bus HULOT as the marina we live at doesn’t allow recreational vehicles to park there full time and HULOT was considered recreational. That’s OK though because we had some really cool times in that little bus and now he’s being put to new use with his new owner.

It felt like a bit of a time crunch so we decided to drive HULOT up to the new house one last time. This time we loaded up the bus with the majority of what we wanted to take with us in our move. It was a drive up drive back mission just before he had to take his flight out. When Sean got back we finished up clearing out the old apt. and I thought we’d  have a light load remaining to donate. Ended up taking three more full Jeep loads to the thrift store to donate- THE LAST OF THE LAST of our stuff. We really accumulated more than I thought we had over the years. That stuff sneaks up on ya!

Finishing up the cleaning of the apartment we went back up to Oregon for about three days then drove back to Seattle to pick up my father from the airport. He was coming in from Georgia <3 We then drove BACK to Oregon and spent three days zooming all over Portland showing my dad all the things and feeding him doughnuts LOL!!! He liked Voodoo Doughnuts a LOT,



but fell in love with BLUE STAR doughnuts. We took him to Powell’s


and a slew of Antique Malls and Vintage stores.

Where he lives there are not any Starbucks. You have to dive like a 45 min drive (the town by his place of work) to get to one. He LOVES Starbucks omg HE LOVES THEM. It’s a rare treat for him though since the distance is so far. Over here in the PNW we have a Starbucks ON EVERY CORNER. Every 5 mins “OOOH! ANOTHER STARBUCKS!” *laughs* He also loves all the drive through coffee stands :) I made French Press coffee every morning but by the time we’d hit the road for adventures he was ready with the rest of us for more coffee. It was great :)

Here’s Dad and Sean walking past this A-frame coffee sign I found funny:


THIS is kinda how we all feel about coffee – *LAUGHS*

We drove up to the Seattle area the fourth day he was with us and I got a manicure with my friend Aurica and my Mom in preparation for our courthouse wedding that evening <3

My sister and her family came up from Eastern Washington and Sean’s parents and family came from around Seattle to join us to celebrate our courthouse marriage <3 We piled on over to ZEEK’S PIZZA in Redmond WA for dinner afterward and it was DELICIOUS. It was super relaxed and everyone had a great time. Mom scored with the purchase of our cupcakes from NEW YORK CUPCAKES <3 Those little cupcakes are SO YUMMY. I love them LOVE THEM. The waiters and waitresses at ZEEK’S were AWESOME.

Afterward we regrouped at Moms to pack up, say our goodbyes and took my Dad to his (mine too) cousins house :) They hadn’t seen each other in about 50ish years and I had never met her in person before so Sean and I did a quick stop in and it was nice <3 We kept talking and then realized how late it was getting so we hugged goodbye and got on the road. Sean got us home after 1am. I’m thinking it was probably closer to 2am. About 20 mins from home we got pulled over by the police. The first question was “Have you been drinking tonight?” We couldn’t help it but we said “NO!” and started laughing. Sean and I explained that we had gotten married earlier that evening, had been up since 6am, drove up to Seattle had the courthouse shin dig and pizza and was making our 3+ hr way back home when he stopped us. The cop had a smile in his voice “Well, I can see why you were having trouble driving.” (we were a little swervey not too bad. Completely exhausted. But still. So he didn’t give us a ticket. He advised us to switch drivers if we had to, stay safe and he congratulated us on getting married <3

By the time we got into bed we only had 5 hrs to sleep. Sean had work the next day. Oi VEH. But we’ve rested up since then, got back into our routine and there is no mad rush to “AUGH GOTTA DO THIS”. It feels good.

While out and about it Portland with my Dad we stopped in a Starbucks *smile* I had been wanting an ice coffee brewer of some sort. I didn’t want an electric one as my idea was to keep it stored in the fridge. There’s the $35 one online at Starbucks – the TODDY maker but it seems sorta large and like our tiny home, our fridge is little too. Sean will have an iced coffee if I make one for him but usually he prefers his coffee hot. I’m the one who likes cold drinks. So while at the Starbucks Sean points out the clearance bin and shows me the TWO iced coffee pour over brewers and they were priced at $20! I had just checked a few stores in town and for an iced coffee brewer of similar make and size they were starting at $25. This one was cheaper, half the size of the TODDY brewer I was previously considering and it was calling my name. I started to walk out the store without purchasing one and both Sean and my Dad kept asking “ARE YOU SURRRRRE????” I knew I was going to kick myself in the butt if I didn’t get one. I’m glad I made the purchase. I took pictures because I’m a dork.


This takes a #4 paper filter. I’m sure I can find a mesh one else where so I don’t have to keep buying the paper. After it drained I closed up the top of the filter a little bit to see if I couldn’t squish out a few drops more of coffee LOL.


I filled up the 32 oz pitcher the rest of the way with ice. It took two full ice cube trays perfectly :)


Then I just added the clear top. I really like the lid. It’s just a regular ol pitcher lid but I think it’s the crystalline look that the whole thing has that I like so much.

I’m working on Thank You cards that will go out on Monday. We let everyone know that we weren’t doing gifts/were not asking nor expecting them. Especially since we’ve been together for over 5 years we were in the space of needing to get rid of stuff NOT collect it. Our parents still gifted us and it was timely and good :) Between my Mom and Sean’s Mom we got our cook station up and running. Mom got us the re-purposed rolling IBM desk (I remember seeing similar for the IBM word processor at work back in the day) and Sean’s Mom got us the small oven/range top WOO!


I keep our canned goods, salt, pepper mill and electric water kettle in there. Underneath the rolling table is our wok and the large soup pot. The blue planter that’s in the picture has since been moved outside. That’s going to be for my new rosemary plant when I get one.  I keep our cast iron pan on the range top as you can see. It was better than trying to figure out how to hang it. There isn’t much wall space anyways and I was kinda not sure about the weight of it. We also received a few gift cards and we’ve used them to replace our toilet seat (because it’s the soft cushy kind and it’s starting to rip) and a bathroom rug. I picked out a super fluffy one in light teal to match the mermaids I have up on the bathroom wall. :) We also purchased a few cabinet door hooks for our kitchen towels and pot holders and I have a new broom/mop holder that I’m going to install on the outside of our house tomorrow. I’m putting it on the back side of the house so our front entry looks a little better. Not that the current broom we keep out there is cluttering anything…I just think it would be better to put it in the “back yard”.

LOL back yard. It’s interesting having a tiny floating home. We don’t have land we have a floating back porch which is pretty sizable. It’s the same width as the house and we can easily have a table and chairs for five with some room. Right now we have two potted trees back there plus the chest with our small amount of fishing gear. No permanent chairs or tables set up but I’m hoping to find something appropriate in way of a table by next summer. We have three folding chairs that are quite usable but I’d really like to have a table for sure. The floating porch is attached to the back of the house by chains with rubber bumpers between it and the house. It’s pretty cool.

My dad got to experience the house rocking with some big waves that came in. His eyes popped open a bit but he seemed to take it well. Unlike me who woke up out of a dead sleep the first time I felt the big waves and promptly freaked out *LAUGHS* I’m totally OK with it now though. Once and a while I get a little nervous and ask Sean “Is it going to be OK?” and he says “Yes.” smiling and it is.

One of the big things I’ve noticed is TRASH. I thought that living in a smaller space our trash would diminish. NO. Right now I’m using grocery bags to bag it up. We average about a grocery bag a day of garbage. Right now the majority of it is from packaging and I know that’s to be expected as we are flushing out all the little things we realize we need in the new house but still. I have a book about the history of trash and I’m going to start reading that book next. I’m hoping that it will give me both food for thought and also some ideas about making our trash output smaller. Packaged things definitely contribute. I’m guessing maybe switching to mostly fresh foods. I’m wondering if we can have a larger compost bin on the back floating porch. I know sometimes compost piles combust, so I’m not wanting to invite a fire on the water (or near my house)…I need to look into that. We have coffee grind output as well and it’s substantial.  If we had gotten a house on land no problem – I would have made a compost pile in the back yard. We’re on the water though so again..gotta do some research and put some thought into it.

So that is the wrap up of what’s been going on through this past week <3 I wish I could have seen everyone for longer and I’m also happy to be settling back down. It felt like non stop activity for HELLA days. It’s all about some down time now.

Much Love!


Full time for reals: Mind Dump <3

We made the final move to Oregon yesterday and it feels good knowing we don’t have to worry about two households now. The walk through still needs to happen but that’s alright. The living room at our houseboat was loaded up again but I’ve been working on that today and I have a lot of it squared away. It’s still a bit crowded to me and I know that being in my “make a list” mode I will have things organized and looking good in no time.

I have all of our framed pictures up. There are still a couple of pictures (small 5×7 sized) that I want to get a frame for but I don’t think there are more than 2 or 3 of those tops.  After typing this post up I’m going to un-box our oven/stove top and get our cooking space set up. Tonight will be a hot meal cooked at home – WOO! We’ve been wanting to start that to start the whole saving money thing. Eating out gets expensive and because we had so much up in the air and in transition it was easier to just eat out and keep that mess out from under foot.

Our space is small and it’s cozy…and as far as space goes it feels pretty spacious for us. When we had the apartment it was a two bedroom two bath home with full kitchen and a large dining room and large living room. We have almost a full floor of space in our loft (bedroom) that fits our queen futon mattress with a decent amount of space on Sean’s side of the room for his personal stuff and space on my side of the room for me, plus a corner that I’m going to use for my crafting desk/workspace. There’s a small closet (which I totally don’t want or need) that is perfect for Sean’s dress jackets and some of his dress shirts. Under the ladder downstairs is another open closet area which is pretty small but fits the rest of Sean’s dress shirts and our jackets that we kept for the winter.

Being interesting in having a standing desk  for Sean we decided that our dresser (which I LOOOOOVE and hated to think of getting rid of) was a good height and so we brought that. Now instead of our clothes it holds our writing journals that we use on a daily basis (OK get yourself a cool ass journal from JACOB over at they’re GREAT and it’s a wonderful way of re-purposing books that aren’t being used for reading!) and most especially ALL of our electronics and their accompanying wires, our too many to count USB jump drives. It’s NICE. No more wires and gadgets laying all over the place! We usually have our laptops ON our laps or just set to the side when we get up. That’s fine but everything else I put back in the drawer. This also ends the “WHERE IS IT?!?!” panic that would on occasion crop up from one of us – *laughs*

I love watching Sean work at the standing desk. We’ve talked about so much over the years about things we want to implement and do when we got our little house. We started doing what we could where we were at but actually BEING here now in our new location and not having the temptation of so much extra space…we’re really living it. We’re still adjusting and it’s a happy adjustment to living with only the physical things we need or use on a daily basis. As far as people go we’re cheer on our daughter to get her license so that she can come up and visit us ALL THE TIME *chuckle* and if it’s something my Mom is ready for or interested in I’m all for getting her up closer as well though having her up to visit on the regular is ok too :)

I like where we’re at. I have a bus right up the block from me that will get me to down town Portland and from there I can take the BOLT bus directly to down town Seattle. THIS IS AWESOME. I have a house sitting gig (Queen Anne area)  coming up in February sometime I believe and so I’m excited about that. We also have a lot of friends that come over to Portland regularly so I’m feeling the whole tie in hug fest of The PNW <3


I didn’t get to stop in at my old job before leaving like I wanted. I was there almost every other day through yesterday even. We were donating so much of our stuff. I would think we were done but there was always another Jeep full of stuff we just didn’t have room for and a lot of it was honestly never really used if at all. I feel good about it going to the thrift store. Someone else is going to get a lot of use out of our stuff so it’s getting a second life :)

After I get the house straightened out the way I want it I am going to start organizing my craft space. I still need to find a good desk – something small enough and light enough to get up the ladder and fit in that corner. My new work surface needs to be large enough to sew on with my sewing machine as well. I’m not sure what my work desk will be ultimately but I’m hoping to find something soon. I also have a solid collection of beads and vintage jewelry for creating new jewelry. I’m pretty stoked about that. Just getting all those things together is  going to be FUN. OMG so MANY BEADS!!! I’m kinda geeking out right now just thinking about it.

My KNITTING is going to go back into effect :) I’ve been itching for DAYS to knit. I’ve kept it on hold because my hands and arms have been kinda shot with all the box and tote lugging of stuff between houses. They’re already feeling better though. A few more days of massage and no heavy lifting and I will be on the mend for sure <3

With my health I had my last doctor appointment go well. I had been on the right track and though I could see room for improvement I’ve been maintaining my not 100% healthy eating to maintain the weight I was at when I got my wedding dress fitted. Next week is the big day and after that I am going to go back on my ALL THE GOOD FOR ME FOODS and not little bit of bread here or cookie there crap. It means I’m going to drop more weight (I hope) and that’s good because I need to get as healthy as possible. My hope is to get entirely off my medications for my cholesterol and type two diabetes.  I feel pretty strongly that I can do this I just need to give myself some time and I need to hop back on that healthy track I was sprinting.

Already cutting back on a lot of the junk food I can feel my rings start to spin on my fingers. This is good. Also good is that my fast levels for first thing in the morning dropped from the 140’s I had last been at when checking in with the doctor to around 125.  For some reason I couldn’t get the morning fast lower than 145 for a while and the doctor figured it was my body regulating itself out since I was at faw. st levels post meals the rest of my day. So there’s that.

I’ve spent today updating all the accounts I haven’t updated yet. Those that I can I’m updating with my new last name since it will be in effect next week. Others I’m having to wait on till it’s all legal, but I am at least getting my address updated. We’re going to be sending out change of address cards to our friends and family next week as well. I’m really excited. Very thankful and finally feeling a little bit peaceful since we’re settling in now with out all the back and forth of having the other house.

It’s raining right now. I can hear the rain hitting the river.

It’s beautiful <3


I made a post at my wedding blog “KEEPIN IT SIMPLE” .

Check it out!

OOOOOH MAH GAWD WTF BAR BEE QUE?!?! or My boobs didn’t shrink THAT much!

Ok. Ok ok ok. *DEEP breath* I’m not pissed off but more lightly irritated with a side of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

I called last week to schedule my dress alteration for my wedding dress. I bought the dress a year and a half ago at David’s Bridal. I had a REALLY great experience with the girl Danielle who helped me and my mom QueenLadyLuck and one of my besties from highschool Aurica was there with me and it was just really cool.

THIS trip? Not so cool. From all the reviews I’ve read and people I’ve spoken with David’s Bridal gets a general score of SUCKASS on the Shit-TASTIC meter of DOOM. I figure I’m one of the lucky ones in regards to purchasing my dress through them. THANK YOU POWERS THAT BE.

Tonight was short sweet and WTF. I made a separate appointment to get my strapless bra. The coordinator who left me a message today asking me to confirm my Saturday  morning appointment told me that while things are slowing up they just finished a mad rush of business and she’s not sure what they have in stock. “Just to be sure you have a bra for your dress fitting I would schedule a separate appointment in the next day or so so that if we DON’T have the size bra you need in stock you can look elsewhere for it and have it in time for your fitting. This is important because we can’t do the fitting without you wearing the  bra you will be wearing with your dress.” She reiterated this about three times during our conversation stressing the part about me getting my bra “elsewhere”  and all I could think was DAMN lady you work for David’s Bridal what are you trying to say? Well tonight I found out. She was trying to say they don’t know what the hell they are doing or don’t care.

So I ended up making a same day appointment and showed up around 7:30pm and they took me in right away. I always guessed what size bra I wear by how it feels on. I’ve always chosen a 42C and so when the girl asked me I told her then inquired, “I’ve lost weight in the last six months though I’m still wearing the same size bra. I’m not sure if that’s REALLY my size bra so that’s why I’m here to get fitted.” I figured that she’d take my measurements or something vaguely bra wizardy but NO.  She looked at me blankly for a moment then said “Well all the bras are pretty true to fit with the regular size you wear so we’ll just get a 42C.”

I then asked her to also bring a 44C just in case sizes ran different and I needed a larger size. I tried on the 42C and there was like TWO full inches of air space (pocket space) between the top of my breasts and the top edge of the cup. THE HELL?!?!?! I’m not trying to store snacks or hobbits in there WTF is up with that space???? So I point it out and she goes “Hmmm yeah I don’t know.” I said, “Well maybe I lost enough weight that I’m a B cup now. Can you get me a 42B?” So she pauses a moment then goes to get it. I try it on and it’s much tighter but still wearable except I’m still experiencing the pocket thing in the boob cups. THE FRELLING HELL?!?! So I point this out to her again. I’m hoping for some sort of professional advice here. I told her “I don’t know what to think. Do I buy inserts to push them up? I don’t think I lost so much weight I’m an A cup! I mean LOOK at these!” and I lifted my boobs at her with both hands.

I was having a serious WTF moment and it’s been the only time I’ve stressed or come close to stressing and standing there in my jean skirt my TA-TA’s lifted in salute to her she says, “Um…let me look and see if we have an A cup.” She leaves and closes the door to the dressing room which is more like a micro closet and I’m standing there and place one hand under my left boob and one hand on top of the left boob. I definitely have two handed boobs. I tried it with my other boob. Yup two hands full. I’m not huge but I’m not small either. I’m a C cup. WHAT THE FUCK? So the “helper” came back and apologizes saying that she didn’t know WHY but they don’t have any A cup bras in stock. I just sighed. My pimp hand was starting to twitch.

She says she wants to go look bras up in the system. She then asks if I want to wait there or if I want to get dressed. I told her I’d wait for her because if she found something in the system that they have in stock I don’t want to get undressed again. So she closes the closet once more. I wait another ten minutes. So now I’m up to 15 mins waiting in a closet that is getting increasingly hot. NO FREAKIN BUENO man. I finally got tired of it and thanks to stretching I was able to reach back and completely undo the entire back hooks and got out of that storage space they called a bra. I gathered them up and went to the front of the store. There were two customers looking in one isle of the store and one lady getting rung up at the register by the girl who was supposed to be helping me. There were two additional employees there standing around talking to each other. Why couldn’t one of them (ANY OF THEM) just tell me “We have absolutely NOTHING.” Or “Bitch nothing here for you.” SHIT anything to let me know I don’t need to stand naked from the waist up in a sauna closet?!?! Freakin dick chokes.

So I set the bras down on the counter. I said “Thank you.” and left. I didn’t even take time to flip her off or the rest of the damn store.

We went to the mall and Victoria’s Secret greeted me warmly and when I asked if they did bra fittings the girl said yes and we discussed what bra I was currently wearing and as she fitted me with a measuring tape on the spot (AWESOME) she told me that they only carry up the a 38 in store but that they have a much larger selection online and the conversation felt INCLUSIVE. I didn’t feel left alone in a closet. She shared with me that she was new to measuring so brought over a veteran Angel and had her double check the  measurements. When I shared that it was for my wedding dress they had several recommendations for places to check out in the area for immediate bra purchase and over all it was a good experience and it was confirmed that yes I am a 42C. *relief* The Victoria’s Angels suggested that I need to look at different cuts of bras so there’s that.

We checked out Nordstrom and Soma and finally Lane Bryant but they had nothing. By this point it’s 9pm and we’ve been going non stop since I got off work at 6:30pm. As we were leaving Lane Bryant one of the ladies there came up and started talking to me about my bra needs and she totally hyped up  having been there herself and so honestly I think I’m going to see if I can get in there before Saturday. For one it’s a lingerie store that deals strictly in the under things and it’s not the first time I’ve head soaring reviews on the place.

My first experience was so good with David’s Bridal that I was hoping for a repeat of it with the bra fitting, but even though they ARE a bridal store it’s not a small bridal boutique and maybe they just don’t know how to measure a woman for a bra or recognize that a two handed sized boob is NOT an A cup. A delicious cream puff is NOT the same size as a Boston Creme Doughnut. BOTH scrumptious but NOT the same size. JEEBUS.

So anyways Sean was a complete and awesome love and took me everywhere we could with the limited window we had. He was worried about my not eating so we stopped for a burrito and he made sure I ate <3 I normally eat by 7pm at the latest but this bra-adventure sucked up my time frame. UGH. I told him that we’d call it a night and that I would look around for places on line and we’d get something by Saturday morning.

I decided that I’m still keeping my alteration appointment with David’s Bridal for right now. This will be a different person than who I dealt with tonight and I’m counting on the fact that they do this sort of thing (dress alteration) on the daily so here’s to hoping that works out. Unless where I go for my bra offers alterations and can get me fitted within this next week. I just figure one thing at a time. Keep the current appointment, secure the bra then see where I’m at and what’s available.


The dress is back at my Mom’s safe n sound. This post is wrapped up and now a little internet zooming before bed.

Oi VEH possums….Oi VEH.

Downsizing for a small floating home.


I’ve stopped clearing out stuff for the night. We are in the process of downsizing from our condo (1,000 sq ft.) here in WA for the move to our floating home in Oregon. Our home in Oregon is about 500 sq ft. total (250 sq ft. for the bottom floor and 250 sq ft. for the loft/bedroom) so there is some serious purging of physical belongings on our part.

Tuesday through Friday I work a retail job and I’ve been trying to spend each evening clearing through stuff. Sean works from home during the day and he’s been chipping at it from his end as well. It’s kinda been a tag team effort which makes it easier for me to deal with. I love it when I come home and he shows me a chunk of stuff he’s gone through <3

This last chunk he worked on was books – which we have A TON of. I’d been slowly selling/letting go of my own collection over the last few months to 1/2 Priced Books. Sean kinda does stuff in huge chunks and I’m starting to see that. It’s been a solid yet slow transition. Things are starting to speed up though.

Tonight Sean and I were able to clear out two more boxes of books and then after visiting with my mom for a bit late this afternoon I was able to clear out four more boxes and about 6lbs of trash. NICE! The kitchen is almost cleared out with the exception of the dishes we are using. I need to actually get rid of a lot of the dishes but have been hanging on to them since we are still operating predominately out of our condo here in WA. Soon I will be donating the majority of what’s left to the local thrift shop. Tomorrow night I think I am going to go through our three remaining cabinets: Spices, Baking & Teas. I foresee another kitchen bag worth of garbage there.

I’m working in a sort of circular path around the living/dining room area. I started at the bookcase then working my way around the dining room table. Next up is the living room. There isn’t a LOT of stuff yet there is. Mostly more books (not as many as we’ve already gone through) and dvd’s and paperwork. Some knickknacks and it shouldn’t take TOO long to get through. Then again (looking around) it might take a full evening.

When I think about downsizing I think about our belongings and what we can live without. Each thing I pick up I ask myself if I’ve done anything with it in the last month. If not is it something I can replace if I *REALLY* need it in the future. If I can and it’s not dire and especially if I’ve owned it longer than 6 months I put it in the donation pile. Much of my “best stuff” (my own personal belongings) I’ve traded with a friend for goods that I am immediately using and that are QUITE smaller than the physical objects that I traded out. That makes it a win/win.

Sean and I have had ongoing talks about the stuff we’ve given each other that we are donating or giving away. He’s very real about it and we talk about our thoughts behind our stuff what it meant then and what it means now with our new space. Talking openly with him has helped me a lot in letting go of much of the unused items we’ve been hanging on to. I had two coffee table books that I really like and they were gifts from him a Christmas or two ago. I haven’t looked at them since I first opened them and looked through them but I hold a lot of affection for them because he knows I like the subject matter and he got them for me. So I had that moment today. Where I asked him if he’d be ok if I took them to 1/2 Priced Books and he said “Yes. They’re coffee table books and we really don’t have the space for something made to just sit there.” It sounds funny but he said it in a really supportive way. It made sense and he’s right. We don’t have space for a coffee table or even a side table in our new living room. He knows I love the subject matter (Campers/Caravans) and I know he knows I love them…so I put them in the GO pile and felt a bit reassured about it.

When it comes to my books (We BOTH love books but I’m speaking specifically about my own collection) every one that I got rid of I put on a wish list on my amazon account. If the book is available on Kindle then I put it on that list. I also go through the book wish list every few month checking to see what has become available on Kindle and move it from the book list to the Kindle book list. Any future books I buy from my “I used to own this book” will be for my Kindle because HELLO SAVING SPACE. Anything not available on the Kindle – well at least I have a list and if it’s something I HAVE to have in the future well I have a reference. Really though it’s all about my kindle app. I *LOVE* books the smell and feel and turning the pages I do. Our new home has a high value on available space for “stuff” so I’ve had to change some of my habits – work on changing them. It’s much easier than I anticipated – it’s just new and that’s been exciting.


Sean is taking me to get my dress fitted this Saturday. It’s a morning appointment. After that I think we are heading out to our place in Oregon. I’m pretty excited. I’ve shown him pictures of my dress but that was a while back. He’ll get to see me in it I think and that’s making me smile as I write this. I’m bringing my shoes and my petticoat and I’m hoping the petticoat thing works with the dress the way I’m visualizing it in my head. I’m a bit full of SQUEE over this. Next week at some point we need to go down and get our marriage application and after that I can start the serious deciding on where our post court house lunch is going to be and actually sending out the email for the day of our getting hitched. YES EMAIL. A small number of people are going to be there. We figured with everything else going on the important thing is to just let people know “Hey we’re signing marriage documents then hitting up lunch WHERE and WHEN.” Maybe not THAT informal but about that relaxed *laughs* We are DEFINITELY keeping it simple. I will be posting pictures of our day and sending out a general electronic announcement once things settle down. The more I think about the Wedding Email the more I’m liking it. There will be basic information that’s the same for each one and each one will be personalized. If people want to save it – BAM – electronic filing = NO PAPER SPACE. I’ve been big on the electronic filing and saving of space. We decided no gift registries because we have most of what we need and then once we got the floating home, space was a pretty big issue since it was so tiny.


I keep talking about how much smaller our new home is and about all the stuff we are purging, but we both very much want a small space. We don’t use that much space – active space and it just seems like a waste to spend so much on heating and electricity and basically storage of things we don’t even touch or use. A big focus has been using actively what we have and only having what we need and for those things that are luxury/want type stuff…being moderate. We aren’t living without, which I know it sounds like we are….we’re choosing to live full with what we have and our change of focus has been very eye opening. I’m feeling pretty good about the transition we’re in.

Good Night <3

I got to move it! Move it!

This morning I woke up at about 6:30 a.m. I tried going back to sleep but my body felt achy.  I always feel great when I get up and start moving but sometimes if I lay around in bed too long my joints start talking smack and then it takes a while for my body to warm up and shake the “MEH” out. Meh.

I came into the living room and zoomed around on the internet a bit then looked at all the boxes in the dining room. Yup it’s time. So I started hauling down boxes to the jeep and loaded it all in. It was about five trips and I ran up the stairs each time for cardio purposes. If someone told me even a year ago that I’d be running up our stairs (FIVE TIMES) after lugging boxes DOWN the stairs for cardio purposes I would have hella guffawed. I mean HELLA.

It felt good.  I was also surprised to not be breathless. Hm! I bagged up two kitchen bags of shirts and stuff from Sean that he had gathered for donation. Last night I deconstructed the fridge. We had it covered in word magnets of the LOL CAT variety. I forgot about some of our sentences. I chuckled a bit and gathered them up for Anna’s To Go Through Box. There were a few moments where I felt melancholy about the fridge. Not that we have paid any special attention to it but that was OUR fridge. It’s emo I know. I got excited though because I found an empty frame magnet buried under all the Father’s Day cards Anna made for Sean over the years and I put a picture of Anna in it that she gave me this past year. It’s super cute and it’s going on the fridge in the new house with her baby pics that we had up :) I kinda geeked out about it and I’m looking forward to putting those up this weekend.

In the back of my head I’ve been thinking about my year books. I have my 7th through 12th grade year books and I kinda don’t know what to do with them. Everyone that I like and remember and/or was close to is on my social media so I rarely look at the books. I’m going to see if there is any way I can re-purpose them. I’m just not sure what to make them into. It’s not like we have tons of space for furniture type items…if you’re reading this and have any ideas comment on it. I’m open to suggestions. As of right now they just sit there taking up space.

I have two bins (that I keep referring to in posts). One is already filled with craft stuff and the other one had wedding stuff that I wanted to go through and empty out so I’d have it as my second bin to take stuff to the new house.  I took out my shoes and petticoat and the electronic frame which I realize now won’t work because it’s not designed to hang on the wall. *sigh* I bought the electronic frame with the though that I’d have it for my electronic wedding album and it would sit on a shelf or bookcase. This was WELL before we decided to look at the 500 square foot floating home we purchased. We need this thing to hang on a wall.  Because the house rocks from time to time I’m thinking about a small corner shelf and having the frame secured some how but really I may just have to look into buying a frame  that I can securely hook onto the wall. I don’t know yet. I need to look at all my options and see if there’s some way I can make what I have work. Is it bad that I’m kinda excited as I put it on my PROJECT! list? Oh man. So all that remained in that second bin after that was a bunch of wedding expo magazines and flyers from vendors. TRASH. I’m sorry RECYCLE. Heh. Yeah I don’t know why I was keeping all of that other than I thought I should. *shakes my head* I have pictures and memories of that day with Mom and LyraCole. That is enough.

Tonight  I think I’m going to go through the food cabinets and the counter space then hit the top of the fridge and the cabinets up there. My goal is to get down to using just one cabinet for dishes and foodstuff for our remaining time here so that there isn’t much to clean up or pack when we take our exit here. I’m trying to decide which space to start on after I complete the kitchen. Since the dining room is kinda the space I’ve been using to work in for the sorting and boxing I think I will focus on clearing that space out. Just leave the table and the L-shaped booth there. Right now I have all of my crafts, bins, file box and misc. stuff on it. This will also clear it up so I can sit down and finish my brooch bridal bouquet <3

I have to be at work in an hour. It feels so odd. All I want to do is work on downsizing the house. I hope today passes more quickly than yesterday. It’s like all I can do is think about boxes and sorting and organizing and creating space and getting stuff to the donation center at the thrift store. It’s not even short timer’s syndrome about work lol – it’s mover-syndrome on clearing out the house. Oi Veh.

So that’s what’s in my head this morning.




It’s the end of July and I’ve turned in my notice at work. I feel I’d like to take a small break once we relocate to the new house, but I know I’ll be ready to go on the job hunt in short order once we are completely settled in.

I have a few projects in mind for starting my own business on the side. I’ve always had all these crafty idea’s and projects I’ve wanted to do for the fun of it because I enjoy the process of creating something useful. It would be a total side thing as far as income goes. In terms of work I’d like to be able to walk to and from work and I’d like to have something part time. There isn’t a whole lot super close to us in walking distance but it looks like they are building up mix use buildings in the next couple of years so in the future that might be possible.

Right now we are in a 2 bedroom condo and I’ve been clearing out my own belongings and though I still need to do some more with my own personal stuff, I’ve gone through a good portion of it. I’ve now started on the household stuff. I’ve started with the kitchen. There is now a small dent in the kitchen which makes me happy. Anna went through the first round of stuff and was able to take some baking pans (which is GREAT because she’s a Kitchen Goddess and bakes ALL the tasty things). I’ve got about 4 cabinets cleared out. Now to just get what I have gathered to the thrift store. Then it’s round two in the kitchen.

I have a lot of thoughts on living in a tiny home and what it means to me. Downsizing is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about living in our little house. Sean and I have read numerous books on the subject, also on living green, up-cycling and utilizing the reuse & recycle way of living. We’ve been incorporating bits of everything we read into how we live currently. It’s going to be more so once we move, especially the downsizing part – definitely the micro living. *smile*

I have a few resources for cooking in a small space which sounds funny to me that I would even look for “resources for small cooking” HA. It’s a really cool blog that Sean found and it’s done by this woman who uses her crock pot for most of her stuff. I thought about it and figured since I’m starting with the kitchen I might as well start trying out recipes and experimenting with my own and go ahead with clearing out the majority of the kitchen stuff. With the exception of the plates and cups (for the time we are still here in the condo) I think I’m going to clear out the rest of everything else. I’m going to be cooking in a much smaller space soon enough anyways, might as well start now.

Bartering and trading have also come up for me. I have a family friend LyraCole who is BIG into the barter, swap and trade thing. She’s pretty amazing. The only other person I’ve met who does stuff like that is my Brother in Law and he’s on the other side of the mountains so I’ve never really seen him in action. With Lyra I’ve had a few opportunities to sit and watch her, listen to her stories of trades she’s done and I’ve even started trading with her myself. I’m seriously enjoying it. The stuff I’ve been trading with her is a lot of the things I’d be donating to the thrift store. It’s hard to throw stuff away anymore. After all the books I’ve read it eats at me. Even if I have all this stuff I don’t want it to be unused. I’d rather see it go to a new life being used by someone else. Some of the things I’ve received in trade is soap, jewelry, accessories and such. Key for me is that all the things I’ve received are SMALL and don’t take up space. What I was able to give in return was a lot of clothing and household goods (dishware, office equipment, etc) that I just won’t have the room for in the new place. I don’t feel bad now because I know she’s been able to use it or trade it again for something she CAN use. Trading/bartering feels like a process that you just have to jump in and get a feel for. That’s what I’ve been doing with Lyra. It’s fun and I really enjoy it. I just brought another haul of goods to her today and was able to get some small items I’ve had an eye on and it didn’t take any money out of my pocket. THIS is a win.

My own personal physical stuff has gotten quite dwindled down. I want to get rid of more but I need to get it all together in a pile and go through all of it to get to the place I want to with my stuff. I’ve allotted myself two plastic bins for things I want to keep and I have one already filled with knitting and craft stuff. That craft bin may be resorted though I’m not sure about that yet.

I took up an additional bag of knitting (aside from that tub of craft stuff) along with the sewing machine last weekend. I can’t bring a ton of stuff and so far I feel really good about what I’m keeping and about what I’ve traded or given away. The kitchen stuff is more trickier. I have a nice blue vintage Dansk enamel pot that I scored at the thrift store recently and that’s already at the new house. We have a few larger pots that my mom is taking off our hands which is nice and I’m glad to be handing those things down to her. We don’t have much in the way of kitchen space so the amount of stuff I’m gathering for donation is pretty large. Most of our electrical appliances are out of the picture too. The thrift store is getting most of our kitchenware – WOO!

Getting rid of so much feels strange and also feels kinda good. With each thing I box up for donation I feel like there is that much less I have to care for. What’s strange is that much of this I didn’t use or handle anyways. Things that were stored and rarely used. Things I forgot about. Stuff just sitting there. When we are done with going through everything, what we end up taking to the house will be the stuff we use on a regular basis. It feels nice moving towards this end goal.


Sean suggested sending emails out to the immediate family who will be joining us for lunch after we sign our wedding papers at the courthouse, but I found an electric greeting card that will do the same thing but makes the whole thing a little more cute. I could do just the email but I kinda want something “wedding” oriented. Since it’s not a wedding ceremony we don’t need full on invites since it’s a family lunch that we are hosting. I’m kinda excited to get these sent but need to wait until I get our court date set and the appointment scheduled with the judge.

Tomorrow starts another work week. It feels strange that my time at work is going to be up before I know it. It feels like the start of an adventure. It really does :)