I got to move it! Move it!

This morning I woke up at about 6:30 a.m. I tried going back to sleep but my body felt achy.  I always feel great when I get up and start moving but sometimes if I lay around in bed too long my joints start talking smack and then it takes a while for my body to warm up and shake the “MEH” out. Meh.

I came into the living room and zoomed around on the internet a bit then looked at all the boxes in the dining room. Yup it’s time. So I started hauling down boxes to the jeep and loaded it all in. It was about five trips and I ran up the stairs each time for cardio purposes. If someone told me even a year ago that I’d be running up our stairs (FIVE TIMES) after lugging boxes DOWN the stairs for cardio purposes I would have hella guffawed. I mean HELLA.

It felt good.  I was also surprised to not be breathless. Hm! I bagged up two kitchen bags of shirts and stuff from Sean that he had gathered for donation. Last night I deconstructed the fridge. We had it covered in word magnets of the LOL CAT variety. I forgot about some of our sentences. I chuckled a bit and gathered them up for Anna’s To Go Through Box. There were a few moments where I felt melancholy about the fridge. Not that we have paid any special attention to it but that was OUR fridge. It’s emo I know. I got excited though because I found an empty frame magnet buried under all the Father’s Day cards Anna made for Sean over the years and I put a picture of Anna in it that she gave me this past year. It’s super cute and it’s going on the fridge in the new house with her baby pics that we had up :) I kinda geeked out about it and I’m looking forward to putting those up this weekend.

In the back of my head I’ve been thinking about my year books. I have my 7th through 12th grade year books and I kinda don’t know what to do with them. Everyone that I like and remember and/or was close to is on my social media so I rarely look at the books. I’m going to see if there is any way I can re-purpose them. I’m just not sure what to make them into. It’s not like we have tons of space for furniture type items…if you’re reading this and have any ideas comment on it. I’m open to suggestions. As of right now they just sit there taking up space.

I have two bins (that I keep referring to in posts). One is already filled with craft stuff and the other one had wedding stuff that I wanted to go through and empty out so I’d have it as my second bin to take stuff to the new house.  I took out my shoes and petticoat and the electronic frame which I realize now won’t work because it’s not designed to hang on the wall. *sigh* I bought the electronic frame with the though that I’d have it for my electronic wedding album and it would sit on a shelf or bookcase. This was WELL before we decided to look at the 500 square foot floating home we purchased. We need this thing to hang on a wall.  Because the house rocks from time to time I’m thinking about a small corner shelf and having the frame secured some how but really I may just have to look into buying a frame  that I can securely hook onto the wall. I don’t know yet. I need to look at all my options and see if there’s some way I can make what I have work. Is it bad that I’m kinda excited as I put it on my PROJECT! list? Oh man. So all that remained in that second bin after that was a bunch of wedding expo magazines and flyers from vendors. TRASH. I’m sorry RECYCLE. Heh. Yeah I don’t know why I was keeping all of that other than I thought I should. *shakes my head* I have pictures and memories of that day with Mom and LyraCole. That is enough.

Tonight  I think I’m going to go through the food cabinets and the counter space then hit the top of the fridge and the cabinets up there. My goal is to get down to using just one cabinet for dishes and foodstuff for our remaining time here so that there isn’t much to clean up or pack when we take our exit here. I’m trying to decide which space to start on after I complete the kitchen. Since the dining room is kinda the space I’ve been using to work in for the sorting and boxing I think I will focus on clearing that space out. Just leave the table and the L-shaped booth there. Right now I have all of my crafts, bins, file box and misc. stuff on it. This will also clear it up so I can sit down and finish my brooch bridal bouquet <3

I have to be at work in an hour. It feels so odd. All I want to do is work on downsizing the house. I hope today passes more quickly than yesterday. It’s like all I can do is think about boxes and sorting and organizing and creating space and getting stuff to the donation center at the thrift store. It’s not even short timer’s syndrome about work lol – it’s mover-syndrome on clearing out the house. Oi Veh.

So that’s what’s in my head this morning.




It’s the end of July and I’ve turned in my notice at work. I feel I’d like to take a small break once we relocate to the new house, but I know I’ll be ready to go on the job hunt in short order once we are completely settled in.

I have a few projects in mind for starting my own business on the side. I’ve always had all these crafty idea’s and projects I’ve wanted to do for the fun of it because I enjoy the process of creating something useful. It would be a total side thing as far as income goes. In terms of work I’d like to be able to walk to and from work and I’d like to have something part time. There isn’t a whole lot super close to us in walking distance but it looks like they are building up mix use buildings in the next couple of years so in the future that might be possible.

Right now we are in a 2 bedroom condo and I’ve been clearing out my own belongings and though I still need to do some more with my own personal stuff, I’ve gone through a good portion of it. I’ve now started on the household stuff. I’ve started with the kitchen. There is now a small dent in the kitchen which makes me happy. Anna went through the first round of stuff and was able to take some baking pans (which is GREAT because she’s a Kitchen Goddess and bakes ALL the tasty things). I’ve got about 4 cabinets cleared out. Now to just get what I have gathered to the thrift store. Then it’s round two in the kitchen.

I have a lot of thoughts on living in a tiny home and what it means to me. Downsizing is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about living in our little house. Sean and I have read numerous books on the subject, also on living green, up-cycling and utilizing the reuse & recycle way of living. We’ve been incorporating bits of everything we read into how we live currently. It’s going to be more so once we move, especially the downsizing part – definitely the micro living. *smile*

I have a few resources for cooking in a small space which sounds funny to me that I would even look for “resources for small cooking” HA. It’s a really cool blog that Sean found and it’s done by this woman who uses her crock pot for most of her stuff. I thought about it and figured since I’m starting with the kitchen I might as well start trying out recipes and experimenting with my own and go ahead with clearing out the majority of the kitchen stuff. With the exception of the plates and cups (for the time we are still here in the condo) I think I’m going to clear out the rest of everything else. I’m going to be cooking in a much smaller space soon enough anyways, might as well start now.

Bartering and trading have also come up for me. I have a family friend LyraCole who is BIG into the barter, swap and trade thing. She’s pretty amazing. The only other person I’ve met who does stuff like that is my Brother in Law and he’s on the other side of the mountains so I’ve never really seen him in action. With Lyra I’ve had a few opportunities to sit and watch her, listen to her stories of trades she’s done and I’ve even started trading with her myself. I’m seriously enjoying it. The stuff I’ve been trading with her is a lot of the things I’d be donating to the thrift store. It’s hard to throw stuff away anymore. After all the books I’ve read it eats at me. Even if I have all this stuff I don’t want it to be unused. I’d rather see it go to a new life being used by someone else. Some of the things I’ve received in trade is soap, jewelry, accessories and such. Key for me is that all the things I’ve received are SMALL and don’t take up space. What I was able to give in return was a lot of clothing and household goods (dishware, office equipment, etc) that I just won’t have the room for in the new place. I don’t feel bad now because I know she’s been able to use it or trade it again for something she CAN use. Trading/bartering feels like a process that you just have to jump in and get a feel for. That’s what I’ve been doing with Lyra. It’s fun and I really enjoy it. I just brought another haul of goods to her today and was able to get some small items I’ve had an eye on and it didn’t take any money out of my pocket. THIS is a win.

My own personal physical stuff has gotten quite dwindled down. I want to get rid of more but I need to get it all together in a pile and go through all of it to get to the place I want to with my stuff. I’ve allotted myself two plastic bins for things I want to keep and I have one already filled with knitting and craft stuff. That craft bin may be resorted though I’m not sure about that yet.

I took up an additional bag of knitting (aside from that tub of craft stuff) along with the sewing machine last weekend. I can’t bring a ton of stuff and so far I feel really good about what I’m keeping and about what I’ve traded or given away. The kitchen stuff is more trickier. I have a nice blue vintage Dansk enamel pot that I scored at the thrift store recently and that’s already at the new house. We have a few larger pots that my mom is taking off our hands which is nice and I’m glad to be handing those things down to her. We don’t have much in the way of kitchen space so the amount of stuff I’m gathering for donation is pretty large. Most of our electrical appliances are out of the picture too. The thrift store is getting most of our kitchenware – WOO!

Getting rid of so much feels strange and also feels kinda good. With each thing I box up for donation I feel like there is that much less I have to care for. What’s strange is that much of this I didn’t use or handle anyways. Things that were stored and rarely used. Things I forgot about. Stuff just sitting there. When we are done with going through everything, what we end up taking to the house will be the stuff we use on a regular basis. It feels nice moving towards this end goal.


Sean suggested sending emails out to the immediate family who will be joining us for lunch after we sign our wedding papers at the courthouse, but I found an electric greeting card that will do the same thing but makes the whole thing a little more cute. I could do just the email but I kinda want something “wedding” oriented. Since it’s not a wedding ceremony we don’t need full on invites since it’s a family lunch that we are hosting. I’m kinda excited to get these sent but need to wait until I get our court date set and the appointment scheduled with the judge.

Tomorrow starts another work week. It feels strange that my time at work is going to be up before I know it. It feels like the start of an adventure. It really does :)


I recently saw my doctor for a one month check in. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been eating different. No fast food, lean meats and veggies. No bread, rice or sugars (desserts or processed foods etc).

I’ve dropped my weight down to about 195lbs. and I’ve been maintaining that. I was somewhat confused by the post meal readings I was getting on my glucose levels. The numbers weren’t making sense to me and I kept hitting fast levels every two hours at first. To combat low sugar levels at bed I had started eating bed time snacks which I wasn’t supposed to do, so I fought with myself on that for a few weeks then decided to stop it after seeing that my glucose fast readings in the morning were high (which they hadn’t been before).

After the first few weeks, it was like a switch flipped in my body and suddenly I wasn’t hitting fast levels every two hours. My post meal readings started stabilizing! I was also taking my blood pressure readings once a day for the doctor as well and I didn’t understand those numbers either. When I went in last week I was basically concerned and worried that I wasn’t doing well which REALLY made no sense to me as I’ve been maintaining my eating  habits etc.

I got a surprise. The doctor was very pleased and excited for me. She made sure to show me the numbers and explain them and also talk about how my body has been processing the changes I’ve been making. All of my post meal readings are not even in the diabetic range. They are all the readings of a post meal from someone without diabetes. She said this is FANTASTIC. My glucose morning fast is a bit high still at 120-130 (it varies from day to day) but she feels this is going to balance out as my body acclimates to the changes. Because of how I’m eating I’m recalibrating my body chemistry – it’s like a REBOOT. I’m pretty excited. She is also super pleased with my blood pressure.

For  right now she is keeping me at the same medications I’m on but now that I’m settling into my plateau and slowing down on the fluctuation I can now focus on my next level of getting my morning glucose readings to fast levels and work a little bit more on my weight. I feel like my weight loss has helped with lowering my diabetes issues. I will always be diabetic and I’m seriously working hard to be a controlled diabetic and get off the medication entirely. If I can get off the blood pressure and cholesterol medication EVEN BETTER.

I am all about this and I’ve had great success so far. No one has paid me for this next endorsement this has just been my own love of the information and what has lead me on a successful path to good health. Dr. Grundy’s Diet Evolution  here’s the link if you are interested:


This is the book my doctor asked me to read and the program I’ve started with my doctor monitoring me. If you decide to read and follow this please have a doctor monitor you. ESPECIALLY if like me you are taking medications. How I started eating drastically changed my body and the medication effects on it. I had to have my medication adjusted after only three days of changing my eating habits so doctor supervision is a safe way to go.

I’ve read and am working with the first phase. There are three phases total which I haven’t read through yet and that’s because I’ve been focused on eating well and losing weight. I want to still loose another 15 pounds but I’m going to go ahead and read into the second and third phase and follow it once my weight settles in at 180lbs. I will be blogging on my progress with that as well. Right now for having gotten off of insulin and some of my other diabetic medication and lessening my blood pressure medication…in two months. I can’t argue with the results and the reality of how much my health has improved. I’m dedicated to changing my health.




Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads or NOT MESSY, FELLS COMFY – WOO HOO! For my HOO HOO!

I’ve been investigating the use of reusable cloth menstrual pads.  After reading that disposable pads have only been around for the last 50 years or so, I wondered what women were doing about their monthly blood flow before that. I’ve grown up with the whole “throw it away” treatment of handling my period and it’s expensive. Like REALLY expensive. I just took it as par for the course and I don’t know why I waited so long to really pay attention to cloth pads, but to each in their own time with realizations right?

Over the past few years I’ve been reading up on sustainability, recycling, re-using, up-cycling and buying local.  The use of cloth pads really aligns with this. A lot of women have given me the “EW” response and I didn’t share this or even write this blog post for approval. I guess I wrote it just to share my own experience with it. I am not trying to convert anyone on this topic.

Washing blood out of the pad. There I said it. Blood. So the fuck what. It’s from my body and no one is touching it but me. No I don’t play with/in it (but if people do with their own that’s their business) and as much as blood from injury makes me woozy for some reason my monthly cycle doesn’t freak me out. That’s a good thing considering that fainting every day for a week out of each month would be a major pain in the ass. I’m kinda laughing right now at that thought.

I like that the pads I’ve tried are made by independent mom/pop businesses. I tried a local to me maker in Oregon and then ordered a few more from out of state. Originally I wanted to buy as local as possible but what I tried locally wasn’t comfortable for me. The made close to me pad was too thick for my comfort and while the construction of it was good I didn’t like the width or the way it felt at bit too stiff and didn’t lay well in my underwear. If I feel like I’m two again and carrying a load I just have to say no. No one wants that. Well I don’t anyways.

So instead of going over deeply the brands I don’t like I’m going to focus on the ones that I do like and work for me.  First off everything I ordered was for a heavy flow. I don’t think I need it the majority of the time but I’m not trying to be leak-o-matic all over the place ok?

Surprisingly the heavy flow options are available in thin pads from the makers I chose. A lot of review and commentary on them have been that these cloth pads have been out for a while and feed back has lead to a more thin pad. YAY me for getting in on this late *ha*.

The first pad I tried is made by YURTCRAFT on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/yurtcraft?ref=l2-shopheader-name and I really like them. It has a bamboo core which is super absorbent. I read how absorbent bamboo is but I just didn’t believe it till I tried it myself. The top cover is cotton and it’s comfortable and soft. The backing is wind pro polyester fleece and it stays in place with a simple snap. You can check out their stuff with the link I provided.

As far as how it feels, it actually feels more gentle than a disposable pad does to me. I never questioned the feel of disposables. In fact in most of my adult like I’ve used tampons but I am seriously tired of them. Just done. This cloth pad has quickly replaced any want to use a tampon.

The other cloth pads that I’ve tried and like immensely are the pads made by PUNKYPADS1 over on Ebay  http://www.ebay.com/usr/punkyspads1?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

This pad also has cotton as the top layer of the pad with a water resistant fleece backing. In addition to the fleece this maker (PUNKYPADS1) uses a layer of PROCARE on the bottom of the interior core (which is made with terrycloth). PROCARE is a waterproof barrier fabric and it adds a level of security for the prevention of leakage.

BOTH pads worked out great for me. Even without PROCARE the YURTCRAFT pads were super absorbent (due in good part I believe by the bamboo absorbancy). Even though many reviews said that the fleece backing is highly water resistant I was still very pleasantly surprised that it worked for keeping everything dry and leak-proof in both the pads.

I had tried two additional pads but my issues with them always came back to the thickness of the pad being a bit too much, so I have to say nay to those ones. Ultimately I think I’d like to try my hand at making my own – they are pretty easy to construct. Both the makers for the pads I like are out of state. I’d like to do some more looking and see if there isn’t someone closer to Seattle that makes them.  My whole aim is to move to an alternative that is less costly and more environmentally friendly so I’m trying to stay away from the more commercial reusable pads (which are also pricey) that are out there .

As far as the whole hand washing handling of the pads…if you’ve had a period and have had to wash your own underwear because shit got crazy in your pants, it’s the same thing as that. I couldn’t help laughing with all the EWWW posts because I don’t know of any woman with a period who hasn’t had to deal with the whole wash the chonies thing.  I hand wash the pads to keep the staining issue at bay and then toss them in the washing machine and then into the dryer. The care for cloth pads is easy and they last in general for about five years before needing to be replaced.

There are TONS of reviews on line for all types of cloth pads as well as on YOUTUBE. I watched and read many before making my initial investment. I also read up on each maker repeatedly before choosing who to try first. To be “safe” I tried them out at home in the evenings when my cycle came up. So far so good. Next up for me is to slowly build up my supply. The patterns and designs are varied and pretty fun. Some are just flat out funny. I saw some for sale on Ebay that had Disney princesses which cracked me up to no end. LOLS.


*Please note that I bought all the pads that I wrote about in this blog post. I have not been given anything in compensation for my thoughts and opinions on these products. All thoughts and opinions are my own and based off of my own experience.*


So I went for a follow up at the doctors yesterday. I had my arteries checked out and everything lines up in the SATISFACTORY section but there is early detection of plaque and stenosis (artery thickening). It’s all early warning stuff meaning I have plenty of time to get it right. It’s a preventative thing they did with me and with the health struggles that run in my family it’s a good thing to have checked out. So I asked what I could do to get healthy and my doctor said I’m already on that path.

I’ve mentioned before how I have changed my eating and activity. I walk AT LEAST 10,000 steps a day and I cut out bread, rice, root veggies, noodles type stuff. Well it’s paying off. I dropped another two pounds and the doctor took me off of one of two blood pressure medications I’m on. The glimepiride that was cut down to only once per day was halved again so now I’m just taking a half tablet of the stuff. One more medication off the table and I’m hoping in the next month or so I can take off glimepiride as well.

Although Sean isn’t diabetic and can eat things I obviously shouldn’t eat anymore I’ve decided to start cooking even more healthy and encourage his health improvement along with mine. All the things I’m doing are things he has encouraged me to do from the time we met and over time I just haven’t done it…till recently. The way I eat everything. I feel strongly about having influenced not the best eating habits and now I’m looking at reversing that significantly.

I love him very much and want to share the benefits I’m experiencing with him. He’s my everything.

Update posts to follow. Right now I’m just beyond stoked. I’ve been eating in “phase one” for a little over a month and I think I’m going to stay here a bit longer. I like what I’m seeing. Phase two and three are still waiting for me in the wings and I look forward to that but for now I still have a lot of stuff to accomplish.



Weekend at the Tiny House <3

Everyone who was there before us refers to our tiny home as “The Gingerbread House” and Sean kinda likes that. I’ve been referring to it as Tiny Tardis in my own head (and it DOES feel much bigger on the inside). I honestly don’t think it matters much. Usually when I talk about the house with Sean I call it the Tiny House. It’s all good.

So we spent the weekend there and I love it. The house moves with the waves and usually I don’t notice it too much because I feel like move with the house, it’s like breathing to me. If I’m totally still and sitting or laying down sometimes I will feel the waves but other than that I’m pretty wave friendly.

Sean found me a pair of house shoes to use/keep there as climbing up the ladder hurts the feet (it’s just a tough industrial type ladder and our tootsies are tender). I loved sleeping in and waking up to the sounds of the marina and even though it was a bit chilly (as we opted to not turn on the space heater) it was fabulous and warm under the covers – SO GOOD. Quiet and as others around us woke up I took in the sounds of boats and people and it was just…nice.

Sean and I made a trek out to PDX and looked around. We also hit up IKEA and checked on size and pricing for futon mattresses. I think we found what we were looking for and may pick those up in the next trip or so up there. We have the pull out couch but we really want to use that as the couch and save it for company that may come over.

We went and checked out the town strip over by our place and OMG there are a few AWESOME antique stores – one of them is a vendor mall! I’m so going to be going back (AND IT’S RIGHT BY OUR HOUSE!). Found a blue brooch and a bracelet :) Sean found a small stained glass piece for the window so we picked that up too. SO CUTE. There was a very large antique place that we skipped. The next time we are down I’m looking forward to checking that one out as well as going back to the other stores. We can go into PDX whenever we want for thrift store/antique looking, but it’s nice to have stuff literally around the corner from where we live. The next thing I want to find out about is the bus lines that go in and out of our town. I haven’t seen anything so that’s something I need to Scooby-Doo.

While at the Tiny House I took some window measurements and I’m thinking of curtains for one of the downstairs side windows and one of the windows at the top of the ladder heading to our bedroom loft. I love all the light we get in but for night/privacy times I’d like to have the curtains available. I took another look at the loft space and it’s MUCH more spacious than I remembered. This has me pretty excited. It’s not cramped feeling at all and there are a few spots for setting up a spot for folded clothing. SWEET. There is also space enough for a small craft corner. A spot for my yarn and I’m seriously thinking for sewing. I don’t need a large space and the things I make will be smallish so yeah. Pretty excited :)

The thing I took away this time on our way back from Tiny House is that whenever we come back from staying there I always want to downsize more of my stuff. SERIOUSLY. So I need to go through a bag or so of stuff I have gathered and see if I can’t pair that down. Went through my bathroom stuff and got that squared away so now to clear off the kitchen table so I have a place to sort <3




One month and catching up!

So it’s been a little over a month since my last post. I’ve spent most of my online-time on FB and Twitter, updating here and there. I’m very happy with the results of my eating changes. No bread, cooked root veggies (except raw carrots) rice or flour based noodles (no noodles right now and I haven’t started experimenting with alternative noodle stuff though I know it’s out there)  and refined sugars (specifically dessert type stuff/sweets).

A year ago I started working at the thrift store. Working in their donation center had me lifting and moving stuff all day and in 6 months I had dropped about 20 lbs. I changed departments and now work on the sales floor and that had me dropping another 10 lbs. I do so much walking back and forth all day long it’s nice to be able to top my 10k step a day goal. I usually do between 12-17,000 steps a day depending on how busy we are and how much they have me standing still behind the register. Usually it’s pretty balanced with floor vs register and I always make my goal of 10k at work – no problem.

I had settled at the weight of 200 lbs as of January 2014. I had a few off days due to not stepping enough on my days off and because I was getting repetitive in my eating in the past month (same o same o and trying to substitute stuff because I wasn’t giving myself enough time to prep fo0d) I had hit a plateau. Well I said fuck that noise and did a reboot. Basically just said START AGAIN to myself and I’ve been getting the stuff I need and I’ve dropped a few more pounds. I’m almost feeling like the majority of this success is my state of mind.

OK in review it’s been an amazing month. In the first week I cut my insulin intake in HALF. HALF. By the end of the second week and conferring with my doctor (who is SO AWESOME BTW) I have been off of insulin ENTIRELY. The Glimepiride dosage I was taking to work with the Metformin I’m taking was also cut in HALF. I am beyond stoked. (That’s right – I said STOKED)

So this no sugar, bread, root veggie or noodles thing hasn’t really been that hard. I thought I’d have trouble quitting ice cream (because DUDE I love you ice cream!) but it wasn’t. Once and a while I really REALLY crave the chocolate but I’ve been ok for the most part. I’m now solidly maintaining a weight of 198 lbs and I’m going to be working more with my steps (specifically on my days off when they hella drop) and see if I can’t lose some more weight. Ultimately I’d like to weigh about 175lbs.  maybe 160lbs. but I don’t want to go lower than that. I don’t want to feel bones is where I’m at with my weight loss.

Since my accident at work last year where I had to go into rehabilitation for my arms (tendonitis) I’ve strengthened the muscles up and though I still have twingy days when I’ve lifted too much clothing (carrying hand fulls of clothes on hangers to put back on the racks) it’s not bad like it used to be and I do the stretches. When needed I have both work and sleep braces to get myself back in good order. I’m truly at a point where I feel good about working with small hand weights to actually tone up my arms and I’ve started doing my squats again to tone up my butt and legs because OMG I can see where I’ve lost the weight there and some toning is in order LOL.

All my size 16 pants that I got a few months ago are now loose on me just a little. Enough to warrant me wearing my Thunder Cats belt that I FB’d about. This is cool. What’s NOT cool is the belt is now a smidge too big, though the bulk of it is helping to keep the pants on my hips just a little. That help is soon to go out the window though if I end up losing even two more pounds but that’s ok. This is the reason to get my self a belt next pay period that I’ve been eying: http://www.alchemygoods.com/madrona-belt.html

So there’s that – the good and meh but it makes me smile.

I cleared out my side table the other night and have not piled or set anything on it. Tonight I clear out the chair and do the same thing with it. No more stuff stacked on it. This is going to be a big challenge for me. I’m so used to just setting my stuff on there. I have a box of satin dresses to go through in my room too. My Aunt’s gave them to me so what I’ve decided to do is deconstruct them and then roll up the fabric for when I decide what exactly I want to make with them. I’m thinking a few skirts and some shrugs. I’m not 100% yet though. I have a large sewing basket/box and it doesn’t have much in it. I’m wondering if the fabric will fit in there. I’m considering getting it in a bag and sealing it up for storage and making it part of my TO GO box. My goal is to only have two bins of “stuff” that I move with me to the Tiny House. We will see what actually happens with this particular goal…

In thinking of ways to save money I’ve decided to try out cloth menstrual pads. I’ve got a few on order and I’m looking forward to checking them out. I’ve made a point of trying three different small at home based businesses. One maker is  from Oregon,  one from MI and the other is from Texas.  I have one that’s already arrived so that makes a total of three for next month. I’m thinking it’s going to be a good thing. I will be mixing in their usage with the last of my store bought supplies on hand.  A lot of people get squirmy with the lady stuff but honestly I’m like WHATEVS. It’s my pocket book and I’ve just been cringing over paying for the tampons and pads the last 6 months. That shit is expensive…and I actually DO think about all that crap going into landfills. I wish I had given it more thought sooner but now is as good a time as any. Once I decide what materials work/feel best to me I’m going to try my hand at making my own.  Others can do and chose how they want to work with their menstrual cycle I’m cool with other people doing what’s best for them – this is for me though and I’m just at the point of wanting to try something different and more earth friendly. Yeah yeah I know I know – I’m a damn hippy. LOLS

Once we transition to living full time in the Tiny Home I anticipate having lots of extra time on my hands and when I’m not doing stuff with Sean I’m thinking about all the crafty stuff I want to do and sewing and jewelry making is one of them. I’m pretty excited about it. I am going to be taking a few classes next month too – get my skill sets in order LOL.

During my time off I’m going to get another bag of donation stuff together to take with me to work next week. I’m hoping to find some of my belongings that I haven’t been able to locate for a while but we’ll see if they turn up. I have a sinking suspicion that I donated them some time ago and just don’t remember or did it on accident. This was before getting the job at the thrift store. I’ll be bummed if I did that and again – time will tell.

Today while zooming around Sean got me a pair of water proof boots that also withstand the cold of SNOW :) Because we got them in person at a the Outdoor Emporium in Seattle that cut out any shipping costs and they were on sale. After comparing prices online we saved over $20.00 and that is always good! I tried them on and they were so comfy. The weather keeps going COLD/WARM and so I can still use them a bit till spring/summer really hits and then pack them away for next winter. I’m hoping they last me a few years at least. My last boots lasted two full years. Because of the rain I ended up using them off and on year round. I think that’s pretty good.

I feel like I keep repeating myself a bit between blog posts here and social  media updates. I’m in go mode though so that’s to be expected. I keep going down the mental check list of things I need/want to do and this blogging is a way to check in with that.

I looked at some pics of me that were taken when I first tried on my wedding dress last year. I see the difference in weight loss. It’s kinda tripy. I’m noticeably thinner than I was last year at this time. I’ve gone from being concerned to being curious about what my dress will look like when it’s done being fitted and tailored. It shouldn’t be too hard to fix, but still I’m wondering if I will need to have a corset panel set up in the back or if they can just bring it in on the sides. I’m hoping for having it brought in on the sides :)

Annnd that’s about it for the ramble-bits.

Love you guys XO

“Metabolism Revamp” or “HELLS NO I DON’T EAT THAT ANYMORE!”

I went back for my one month follow up with my doctor this morning. With my medications back on track this past month I still find that my glucose levels are not down to where they  need to be. Though I crashed my glucose levels a few times at work it hasn’t balanced out. I feel a lot of it has to do with my activity level lessening at work and not being out and about as much with the winter weather. It’s not the only thing though. I’ve been wrestling with my carb intake and I mean I’ve been trying to gauge what the right amount of carbs are right for me, for my body and how my own body chemistry works.

When I say “carbs” I’m thinking bread, pasta, rice, potatoes. I feel like it’s been a constant fight and so many times I wanted to just say “FUCK THIS SHIT I’M NOT EATING ANY OF IT!” but my fear is crashing from having my glucose levels too low. I look at what I eat and how much of it and then think “UGH but if I didn’t eat any of that bread (or rice or pasta) I would have probably had fast levels!”

My doctor has talked with me about changing my eating but I wasn’t getting exactly what she meant. I was working on moderation and not really grasping what she was talking about in terms of diet change. She had recommended a book for me and it was one of those things I put on my list that I never got around to.

So this morning I talked with my doctor and she got very specific with me which is what I needed and she said “You do not need those carbs (bread, pasta, rice) to live. You NEVER have to eat those again.” I burst into tears. The tears caught me off guard. Of all my reactions to hearing this crying wasn’t one of them. I know that there are carbs and natural sugars in all food but I wasn’t putting it together. Get the carbs needed from fruits and veggies but the other foods (breads, pasta, rice) just cut them out. I felt like an incredible weight had been lifted off of me. I slowed up on the tears and talked about the frustration I’ve been having trying to balance my fear of crashing my glucose levels and eating right and eating enough.

I attained controlled diabetes last year. I know this is not impossible. I’m thankful and feel lucky in that my doctor is geared to work me off of all my medication entirely. I need to up my physical activity and I have changed my food intake. It felt like a quiet out pouring of “FINALLY”. I had gone in without eating since my glucose levels were so high this morning and when I got home I made myself some scrambled eggs with spinach and dill. Some Gouda on top.  I’m actually full and it was delicious.

I’m seeing my doctor in a month and I’m recording my morning glucose levels and I have fantastic DO NOT EAT and EAT THIS lists so there is no guess work involved. The list is too long to list here but basically no more bread, pasta, rice, beans etc. Sounds radical but it’s really not – to me. I’m still a meat eater and veggies and fruit are on the menu. I’m being ware of  the types of meat, fruit and veggies I’m taking into my body though.

I’m picking up a new pedometer since I lost my old one. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to remember what I did with  my old pedometer but I honestly think I just lost it somewhere. I’m also picking up the book my doctor recommended me – she follows the eating in it and she is very healthy and energetic and this is where I want to be. Dr. Grundy’s Diet Evolution is the name of the book.

My doctor talked to me about the book last year but it looks like it’s right now that I’m starting this. I need to make a grocery list and hit the store later today. I don’t need a butt load of stuff. Sean actually just picked up a bunch of veggies and meats that are aligned with this new eating so that’s a great bonus :)

I’m hopeful. I’m only taking 10 units of insulin right now and with an increase of physical exercise and the new eating I’m hoping to work my way off of all my medication. This is totally one day at a time. I’m hoping to lose more weight too. I talked with my doctor about weight lifting and she said that walking/steps were the most important but that lifting was great in addition.

What I’m embarking on is changing my body chemistry/metabolism. It’s like clearing out all of the old and setting up a new operating system. I’m really excited. Calm and excited. I feel more like “Ok doing this now.” This is how it is from now on.

It’s a big big change for me. I’m not down playing that at all. I’m just focusing on breathing it in. Solid.

Space re-evaluation, Downsizing & Inventory or IS IT TOO EARLY FOR SPRING CLEANING?

Recently I checked out over 18 books from the library – the majority of them being about cast iron skillet cooking. I found two of them to be well written & information filled so I put them on my AMAZON wish list. Along with the cast iron books I also read two books on weight lifting. I think about lifting a lot but I still have yet to get my ass up and start working out on a regular basis. On the plus side I feel better educated and I got a lot of confirmation on how I gauge  my own body when lifting and exercising.

Over my last two days off I had gathered up all the remaining books that I own and went through them. I ended up selling about half of them. I’ve been pairing down and pairing down. Some of these books were books that I wanted to read and picked up for when I had time, but some of my interest in the topics have waned so after selling a good hunk off I have about 20 books left. 1/3 of my books are knitting, another 1/3 are DYI/sustainable-living type books. The last third of my books are misc interest books. I’d like to get rid of 10 more books but I think the only way that will happen at this point is if I buy them electronically and I’ve not made my mind up about that yet. I may be able to let some more go later on in the year.

My goal is to have all of my belongings fit into a suitcase. Even if I could make it a suitcase and a tub I’d be satisfied. Right now I have two suit cases of yarn (which is bad space wise but good supply wise/not having to spend money on yarn), a tub of “wedding” stuff and a tub of I don’t know what (I forgot). Those are getting looked at this week. I also have miscellaneous stuff around the house and I need to take stock of those items too.

In thinking of ways to create more space I’ve been thinking about all the pictures I have that are from the 110 and 35mm camera days. I need to get these scanned. I don’t want to carry them around anymore in the hard copy form. I don’t have photo albums and honestly I don’t want to make physical photo albums. It takes up so much space.

Because I don’t want a full on wedding photo album,  for my wedding day I’m going to be uploading all the pictures I take to a digital frame to have as my wedding album. Saving space and getting to see all my pictures = WIN. I may do a “Family Album” digital photo frame as well. Right now on my list of things to procure is an external hard drive. I have HELLA stuff saved to a number of flash drives and I’d like to have a centralized place to store them.

Tonight I went through the cupboard and gathered all my Starbucks mugs. I’m deciding which one I’m going to keep and sell the rest. In the kitchen alone I had 9 mugs and I believe I have another three in my bedroom. It’s not that I don’t use my mugs (well I don’t use the ones in my room as I have those for decoration) it’s just that I don’t need 9 mugs to drink my coffee out of. I’m being serious about downsizing my physical belongings so yeah time to get those mugs back out into the world.

I checked two more books out from the library. One is about converting vintage knitting patterns into modern day patterns, yarn substitutes and also re-sizing. It looked very detailed and so I’m starting my reading on that one. The other is another sustainable living book. I have The Moneyless Man and The Moneyless Manifesto to finish up as well. I used to read all the time then stopped and lately I’ve been voracious about it.

All of this is cathartic for me. I’m not sure what I want out of  it all. I just know that I want to live more simply. I want to live in a way that is less wasteful. I want to save more, have a nest egg and I want to create more.  I’m not sure where the create comes into play but the more I clear out the more crafty I feel so maybe it’s that I pick up speed on the knitting and sewing. I don’t feel concerned about it. I feel good about it actually. There’s more I want to write about and I need to save that for another post.


2014 Doctor Who, Doctor Who and Doctor Who.

I basically spent 6pm December 31st 2013 through January 1st 2014 4pm watching Doctor Who with my Mom. Sean was there but doing stuff on the internet and sharing funny stuff as it came up. I’ve been eating all NOM NOM NOM NOM since mid December so after a few weeks of that I feel like I’m done with the over stuffing.

New Years Eve we didn’t have any set plans and decided to stop off at the grocery store and while there thought about inviting my Mom over so that’s what we ended up doing. I was in the mood for hamburgers and so we picked up some ground beef and hamburger buns. I didn’t think about fixings as I was too caught up with the thought of grilling meat. They were kinda plain in that there was not lettuce, tomato or onion but we had the mustard/mayo going on and the spices I put in the meat…it was pretty savory. We had some baked beans and then wrapped it up with some German chocolate cake, bread pudding and mocha almond fudge ice cream.  OOMPH!

Sean picked up some pork chops and asked if I’d be up for making a big breakfast and I said “HELLS YEAH.” so that’s what we had this morning. Pork chops, eggs and toast. It was pretty tasty if I do say so myself. We continued with the Doctor Who marathon and now I’m up to Season 5 episode 10 <3

Dropped Mom off this afternoon and came back home. I got caught up with some laundry and I have work tomorrow. I’m wondering how it’s going to be. Probably busy. I have a few library books that I put on hold and figure I will pick those up after work. Fitness reading. I’m looking to garner some motivation and ways to start changing my health habits and hopefully learn some stuff.

January is here. The next thing I’m looking to is downsizing our stuff. I’ve been maintaining the picked up of our living space but I’m very ready to downsize our stuff. I’ll start with my stuff and then start getting some help with going through the rest of the house. There’s a lot that we just don’t touch. I’m kinda excited about it.

Something I’d like to increase is my blogging activity. I’d like to both increase my blog posts and increase commentary on others blogs. We’ll see how that goes. My focus right now is my improved health and downsizing our stuff. Time to gear up.